Dreaming Of You Tonight

Moon and the stars shining brightly above,
The look in your eyes tells me that you're in love,
Standing here in the dim evening light,
I'll be dreaming of you tonight.

Say goodnight, goodbye, and kiss me,
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me,
Now I'm alone and nothing is right,
But I'll be dreaming of you tonight.

The stars are fading, but I linger on,
Still missing your kiss,
Waiting for you I'll linger till dawn,
Just saying this.

Dream sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you,
Dream peaceful dreams until morning finds you,
And because your love is my only light,
I'll be dreaming of you tonight.

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Brought to you by Sandbox Greetings
Verse copyright © Sally Darby Used with written permission
Midi "Lovers Lullaby" is used with permission
and is copyright © 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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