Grieving For Mankind

So many things in this world to grieve for
That, I know not which one to choose.
Shall it be the lack of love for each other
Or the women and children who are abused?

Shall I just concentrate on the lack of world peace?
Or, should I think of the homeless, instead?
What about my starving brothers and sisters,
Who scatter our lands and are found dead?

Maybe, I should only consider the fact
That our politicians are liars and corrupt.
Perhaps, I'll give thought to the families
Who've lost children through gang wars and such.

What about those who are left grieving and alone,
Who's loved one has just taken their own life
Or the fact that a pedophile has just been released,
Once again to ruin lives and cause strife?

Perhaps, I can shift my thoughts onto those
Who are stricken with cancer each day;
Inflicting it's wrath on the young and the old,
While holding doctors and scientist at bay.

So many injustices that continue each day
And so few joining hands for the cause.
The lack of compassion that's evident, today;
The human race has unbearable flaws.

~ Valentyne Lang ~




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