Just You And I

As we walk and hold on to each other's hand,
Our footsteps take us to a far away land;
A place to stand on a mountain hill
To gaze in wonder as time stands still.

We see our love in the valley, below,
Rushing toward a river that flows.
It will take our hearts way out to sea.
We will fill the ocean, just you and me.

And when the oceans cannot hold our love,
We shall ask our Creator, high up above,
"Where shall we find enough room for us
When the waters on earth are not enough?"

Overflowing is the love, in two hearts, that we share.
"Is there room, in Heaven, for ours to be there?"
His reply might be from His Throne, way up high,
That He has many plans for just you and I.

"My deeds are not finished that I have for you two.
There are many more things that I have left to do.
I must first bring you closer, with happiness to share.
Your lives, there, on earth have been lonely and bare."

Our hearts are now pounding with wonderment and awe.
For, we know our dreams and His plans, that we saw,
Will bring us together. Our love will soar high,
No more sorrow for just you and I.

We will hold one another when darkness does fall.
The sound of emptiness will no longer call,
Side by side, as we lay in each others arms;
Knowing our love will suffer no harm.

Just you and I, how happy we'll be.
Our joy will shine, brightly, for all to see.
Surrounded by love, while angels do sing;
Pedals of roses, for you, I will bring.

The moon and the stars look different, somehow.
The love, in our hearts, shining brightness, now.
We know that we've reached our goal that was high.
We will love by the waters, just you and I.

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Verse Used with permission Valentyne Lang

Music used with permission from David W. Folsom

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